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Guidance and advice

In addition to our activity as estate agent, we can also assist with many other administrative needs and issues that will arise when purchasing a property in France. In addition we can also act as a purchasing agent if you found your property directly with an owner but would prefer to have professional guidance with the negotiation and/or the buying process.

Please find below of summary of our services;

  • Negotiation over price and any additional special conditions of sale directly with the seller or their agent.
  • Guidance and advice throughout the whole purchasing process, including communication with all parties as well as checking, translating and explaining the contents of the preliminary sales act, the sales act and all other related documents.
  • Assessment of the property and the environment including a structural report and valuation.
  • Coordination of all obligatory building inspections for the presence of lead, asbestos, termites and other pests, energy consumption, natural and technological hazards, soil testing, checking of electrical and gas installations, drinking water analysis, plus any additional structural inspections.
  • Arranging quotations for building work and renovations and arrange building supervision.
  • Investigation of ownership and cadastral situation.
  • Research into possible issues (easements, rights of way, tenants etc).
  • Research into aspects of urban planning and urban development (zoning plans, etc).
  • Help with building and other permit applications (e.g. Drinks license or permit for a campsite).
  • Identify and explain legislation for specific projects.
  • Help with setting up a business plan.
  • Contact with banks and assistance with appointments with banks.
  • Help with selecting the optimal purchase form.
  • Setting up a will.
  • Help with all necessary registrations (medical, tax etc.).
  • Establishment and registration of a business.
  • Importing a car and converting a driver's license.
  • Help with all practical matters like insurance, utilities connections, telephone, internet etc.

In short anything you can think of when buying a house in France or when emigrating to France. Call or email us for further information and rates.

  • Auvergne Properties

  • 5 Allée du Château
  • 03270 MARIOL

  • www.auvergne-properties.com

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